Chrome Illusion specialises in spray on chrome technology. We manufacture our own systems from a small, Entry Level spray on chrome kit ideal for chroming small parts, to our larger, bespoke system for professional use and larger parts.

Key Facts

  • We offer FULL phone, email and video technical support, 24/7
  • We manufacture all of our own systems and products
  • We stock every part for our guns, kits and systems and we make all of our own systems in house
  • Next day delivery to the UK and international priority overseas. Product size – Unlimited
  • We offer a full starter kit for £150 (with products – chemicals, paints and a silvering gun)

Our Spray On Chrome Chemicals

We are constantly looking for ways for our chemistry to evolve with our clients’ needs. We work closely with our chemists who are based in the UK and work with top grade, UK sourced raw materials to improve processes and test new additions to go with our spray on silver range.
We sell our spray on chrome chemicals in concentrated form, meaning that you aren’t paying for unnecessary water weight in postage – unlike some other companies.
Our base coat is of marine grade quality and seals your substrate with a smooth finish ready for the silvering process to begin. The top coat is vital to protect your piece and to allow you to give it your desired finish, whether it chrome, gold or candy coloured – Our aviation grade top coat is the best around. Both the top and base coat have been tried and tested, and offer outstanding adhesion, coverage and flow.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive all the help and technical support they need to make a success of their Spray on Chrome business.
The majority of feedback we get about other Spray on Chrome companies is the lack of technical support and after care,leading to customers turning their back on the process – We are here to make it work and support you. We’re available 24/7
With almost a decade of experience, we’re your guys for any problems or support. So get in touch!