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How to Properly Apply Chrome Spray

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Chrome spray paint is used to imitate a chrome plating look. It can give any object a bright, shiny look that would be similar to real chrome. Chromium is a natural element, but it can’t sustain on its own. Find out How to Properly Apply Chrome Spray below.

There are no known things that have originated from chrome, but it’s usually used in metallic surfaces like motorcycle trim, automobile, industrial and household objects and bathroom fixtures.

Spray on chrome plating is resistant to any furnish. Its main purpose is to reduce friction and protect metals on surfaces. Chrome spray is a process that should be highly specialized because chromium has carcinogenic elements, highly toxic, produces hazardous waste and volatile.


Protect Yourself from Chrome SprayChrome Paint Application

Whatever chrome spraying system you use, it’s always important that you protect yourself from all the dangers it can do to your health. Here are some of the things that you should always prepare when spray chroming:


  • Make sure that you work in a ventilated area. Chrome spray can give you numerous side effects when you inhale it which is why you should work in an area where fresh air can easily go to your place.
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants and apron. Chromium can also get into your skin and give you some problems. Make sure that you totally cover yourself with proper clothes. Long sleeves and long pants, can help you with that, and an apron can increase your shield from the element.
  • Gloves and shoes. Plastic gloves can’t handle the corrosive substance of chrome; it’s advisable that you use gloves that are made of neoprene, P.V.C or rubber. As for your shoes, it won’t be physically in contact with the element, so it’s just important that you cover your feet completely.
  • Eye protection: Because you’re working with a potentially harmful substance, you should make sure that you protect your eyes completely. Many people use glasses for protection from chrome spray, but experts recommend that you use goggles for tighter grip or electric sander that will fully protect the soft tissue in your eyes.
  • Face mask. Chromium can cause a lot of problems when inhaled directly. People can get irritation in the nose, eyes, throat and skin. It can also lead to allergies, influenza, asthma and even lung cancer. Choose a face mask that has conformed to OSHA standards for better protection.

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Applying Spray Chrome


When applying chrome spray it will differ what you’re material you’re going to use it to. You’re going to need a primer so ensure that you choose the right one intended for the material or object. You can go to a local store and ask a professional for different types of primer.


  • Clean the material. Use a warm and moist cleaning rag to get rid of dirt and dust in the material that you’re going to spray with chrome. Scrub the surface in a circular motion with gentle pressure so that it’ll be sleek and smooth. Let the surface completely dry first.
  • The prime will enable the surface of the material to be even and smooth. Use a paint sprayer or spray primer to evenly prime the material. You can also use a brush, but you’ll have to do second coating once you don’t get all coverage. Ensure that the prime coat is completely even, not too thick and smooth.
  • Black basecoat. Applying black coating on the material will make it much brighter and reflective. You can use a spray or brush to do this. If you’re using a brush, coat the material twice to ensure overall coverage. Let the basecoat completely dry which is more or less 24 hours before chrome spraying.
  • Paint your chrome. If you’re using a chrome spray can, hold it at least 10 inches away from the material and constantly move so that the application will be completely even. When using a paint gun, make sure that it’s in “dusting” setting and use 20 psi. Just continue going the material that you’re painting until it looks completely even and as bright as you want. When using a paint brush, then there’s probably a chance that you’d need to apply two or more coating. Wait after a couple of hours before applying another coating on the material.


Reminder When Using Chrome Spray spray on chrome kit       


  • Always wear protective clothes and equipment when working with this solution. Never forget your goggles, respiratory mask, apron, gloves, and shoes.
  • Never inhale the fumes of chromium.
  • Always prepare a first aid kit within your reach if ever an accident happens.
  • Avoid getting the solution in contact with your skin.


Chrome is a great addition to the smoothness and brightness of any material, but you should know how to use it and how to prepare yourself. Always remember that chrome spray is a human carcinogen which can potentially harm you. Protect yourself when spraying any material with this solution.

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