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Chrome Painting

In paint by Chrome Paint

The first step toward having spray chrome paint would be booking in on a chrome painting services.  The company will then record all the data and take an image of the object.  The materials will then be placed in their job bin and will be stored securely.  The process involves  the booking process and will ensure that no part of your car will be lost of mixed with the other chrome paint jobs.

Stripping in Chrome Painting

The next step towards spraying chrome paint is to strip the old painting of the parts that will reveal the original surface of the material.  The rust will also be removed to ensure a great finish.

Evaluation Process in Chrome Painting

Prior to spraying chrome paint, the technician will have to perform a thorough evaluation of the item that will have a chrome plating spray paint to guarantee that the procedure that will be used in the distinct object will achieve a desirable result.  If there is a considerable amount of corrosion or damage, the staff will reach out to you and give you an advice regarding the chrome painting.

painting with chrome paint


The linishing process is like a corrective procedure that will repair any forms of corrosion, damages, pits and scratches that will reveal a smooth, leveled and flat surface.  Specialized equipment will be used to attend to the issues in a particular area which include Linishing Machine, sanders, abrasive papers and others.

Repairs in Chrome Painting

Repairing is a more intricate part of chrome car spray paint process.  This will include repairing the damaged area such as holes or fabrication of the parts that are damaged.  After they managed to repair the part, the parts will then be returned to the linishing process to flatten the surface that was repaired.


The mopping procedure will give your item a sparkling finish.  In this part of the spraying chrome paint process, your item is starting to appear like a new part.


In cleaning the item, the administration will use a sprayer with cleaning solution and a soft cleaning brush that will definitely remove the unwanted accumulation of dirt during the linishing process.  It will also undergo a manual checking and examination.  People who are assigned in this process are asked to check for any form of scratches.

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Chroming Spray Paint

After the workers can guarantee that the item is clean, the primer of the chrome car spray paint will be applied.  It can be a speedy chrome painting or a heavy spray paint for chrome.  After the application of the primer spray painting chrome, the item will be re-polished.

Final Spray Chrome painting

The final layer of chrome car spray paint will be applied to protect the nickel plating.  The spray paint for chrome will also add that luster and shine for your vehicle.

Hand Polishing

After the application of the final layer, the item will then be manually polished.  A cold or hot polish is often used in polishing.  The hot polish is usually for the trims and the bumpers of the cars.  This process of manual polishing will extend the life span of the chrome painting.  After the manual polishing, a spray will be applied to the part to remove any trace of fingerprint.  This will then be examined and be marked in case there are dents and any unacceptable mark that will be corrected again by the polisher.  If this mistake cannot be corrected by the polisher, the part will be returned to the stripping process, and the whole procedure will start all over again.

After the entire process, the item will be handed or delivered to you.  You have to fill up a few notes before you will be able to take it home.  Now you know that the entire process of spray chrome painting is not just a simple process of spray painting a shiny fluid.