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It does not matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional painter is sometimes not the best option to buy off the shelf paints as they sometimes will not suit the project you are working with. There are so many factors which should be taken into consideration when choosing paint for your project whether it be for a race car painting project or a boat painting project. These two projects may seem like any paint will do but take a look at the different factors which will be taken into consideration when choosing for these projects and you will understand why custom paints are the best way forward and our custom paints are second to none.

The Stig BBC Chrome Gold

Custom Paints for Cars

So let’s take a look at the race car project and the environments the paint will be in and the stresses the paint will be under. Well, it’s a race car so

• Heat Stress
• Friction form stones
• Changing environments

Due to the enormous stresses on the car and the body where the paint has been applied, it is essential that the custom paint is constructed in order to be heat resistant, chip resistant and have the ability to withstand different racing conditions

Chrome paint mask

Custom Paints for Boats

Here we will take a look at a boat painting project and why you need a custom boat paint due to the stresses and harsh environment the boat will operate under.

• Constant exposure to water
• Possible exposure to sea water
• Wear and tear on chrome fixtures due to ropes

It is quite obvious that a boat would take a specialist marine paint and for the higher grade paints a custom paint would be preferable.

Benefits of using Custom Paints

The benefits of using custom paints are huge. Not only do we tailor make the paints to the needs of the client and the project the client is looking to complete but we will ensure that the case coats, hardeners etc. will be of the same quality which guarantees the best results possible,.

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